About Nature’s Gift Jewelry

Inspired by nature

My name is Zina and I love to tell you something about my shop Nature’s Gift Jewelry. I enjoy taking long hikes in the fields or in the forest. It’s amazing what you can find when you really look around. Often I take my camera with me to preserve the moments I experience. The fresh air and beautiful colors really get my creativity flowing.

Every season has its own charm. In the summer I collect shells on the beach where fall offers a variety of mosses and pretty colored leaves. Spring and summer is the season for flowers, I fill stacks of books with them.

While I’m creating I listen to lounge music while enjoying the smell of a scented candle. Making jewelry is my passion and outlet. I create a calm environment and take the time to make every piece a little work of art.

When picking my materials I look for things that fit the vision I have. Every piece should look and feel nature-inspired. This can be realized through obvious things such as color or dried flowers. But it can also be in the details like flower-inspired bead caps.

Drying flowers takes time, most flowers take about 3 weeks to fully dry. Every few days I turn them and air them out to avoid loss of color. Once’s they’re dry my creative process starts. I arrange them before I poor my resin to get the best composition. It takes several layers of resin to make a piece. I just love sparkles, so when I can, I try to incorporate just a bit of glitter.

I hope my jewelry inspires you as nature inspires me!

With love, Zina

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